This logo is the emblem for a new lecture series at Whitworth University that focuses on giving socio-political and historical context underlying current events. The hope is to help students develop an inter-disciplinary understanding of what's happening in the world. 

I was hoping to create something that was a visual play on the words "pop up." Using the perspective grid tool in Illustrator, I was able to use subtle effects to give the logo dimension and depth.

The logo had to be versatile in order to intrigue students with its whimsicality, while also maintaining the potential to represent serious issues, depending on the lecture. This lockup didn't quite fit that requirement.

The final look is a reductionist approach to a pop up book. It's clean, professional and simple. The logo does well at any size on any platform, and can be adapted for a multitude of print and digital projects.

And, it still stands out in a single-color lockup.


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