This project is a rebrand of the City of Spokane's water conservation initiative, Water Wise. Formerly known as "Slow the Flow," the campaign is aimed at helping city residents become mindful of the Spokane river & reduce their water usage during summer months.

The master logo features the city skyline & residential areas. It also includes Shadle Water Tower, which is a landmark for residents of North Spokane and a landmark for the city water system. The water tower ties together the commercial & residential structures that sit atop the water, which can be read as either a river or aquifer.


This rebate program offers utility credits to homeowners who replace their grass lawns with alternative, drought-resistant landscaping. 



The city's stormwater drainage system is a large, complex network of conveyances that are designed to take rainfall and direct it away from roads, buildings, and other public and private property.


As an appeal to the family demographic, the whimsical Water Wise Owl is featured in water-saving tips for families across the city.

Here is the completed badge set, which includes each iteration of the logo family.

Portions of the logo were deconstructed to become stand-alone icons in a custom set for Water Wise. The icons will be used in print & digital platforms to support educational efforts & programs.


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